Obverse/Reverse Distribution (O/RD)
Spring, 2002

Matt Reinfeldt developed the Javascript to present this data in such a compact and unique manner, please check out Matt's source code and no, I did not code all those data statements... To date there are over 1500 records in this system. The (Total) represents obverse or reverse sums, there are nine Agathodaemons distributed between four different issuers in this sample. The (O/RD) value represents the part of that whole or 1/9 for Domitian, 3/9 for Hadrian, 3/9 for Nero, and 2/9 for Trajan. It also shows that Agathodaemon was only one of seventeen Domitians, three of 167 Hadrians, etc.

Obverse (Total) (O/RD) Reverses (Total)
Reverse (Total) (O/RD) Obverses (Total)
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This is very much a work in progress...
Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.
Last Updated on 06/15/02