Goddess of wisdom and strategy in war, she is usually shown helmeted, with spear and shield. Less often she holds an owl, or is depicted with other accouterments. She had an added significance in Egypt, as the chief deity of Sais, some inhabitants of which were believed by many Greeks to have founded Athens.
Curtis (1990) p. 35
Milne 2634 Commodus
Milne (1982) plate I coin 2634
Milne 3230 Maximinus
Milne 3438 Tranquillina
Milne 4409 Aurelian
Milne 4488 Tacitus
Curtis (1990) p. 327 coin 664
Milne 4699 Numerian
Curtis (1990) p. 329 coin 712
Milne 4851 Diocletian
Curtis (1990) p. 330 coin 720